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Financially Legal

Jul 8, 2020

Geri Green and Cynthia Chandler have been fighting for marginalized individuals both in and out of courts for decades. In this episode of Financially Legal we talk about how and why, according to the 2019 Clio Trends report, civil rights attorneys realize so little of what they work (20% - the lowest of any practice area) and collect for so little of what they realize (80% - third or fourth lowest).  We also discuss the tremendous burden civil rights attorneys carry as they are often some of the only witnesses to the severe injustices marginalized people face in our justice system. We also discuss a soon-to-be-released documentary featuring Cynthia’s amazing work for women seeking justice against the California Department of Corrections and the intersection between the ongoing dialogue that many of us are having the legal sector about access to justice and the protests about racial injustice we’ve all witnessed in the last few weeks.