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Financially Legal

Mar 30, 2022

What’s a lawyer doing running an offshore virtual staffing firm? Starting in 2011 Brett Trembly built a successful business law firm, Trembly Law Firm, in Miami, Florida. They now employ 30+ people and nearly a dozen lawyers.  Along the way, Brett not only realized that there was a shortage of companies offering law firm staffing, more importantly, he saw that helping law firms staff up was a huge opportunity not only for him for the law firm. In Brett’s case, he was able to dramatically transform his law firm with his first hire. And he never looked back. He now runs Get Staffed Up - a company that provides offshore virtual staffing for law firms. In this episode of Financially Legal Brett and I break down hiring in general and staffing in specific. What fears do lawyers have about hiring staff? How can lawyers overcome those fears? What kinds of opportunities lie on the other side of hiring? What do the economics of hiring look like, particularly if you’re hiring offshore resources like those that Brett’s company, Get Staffed Up, offers.