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Financially Legal

Nov 17, 2021

Have you ever considered the role of profit in a law firm? No, I mean, really thought about what it is, why it exists, whether it should be a part of your firm, and/or how to grow it. If so, then this episode is for you.

Brooke Lively is the founder and CEO of Cathedral Capital. Her mission is pretty simple: make law firms more profitable. And she’s written a book for lawyers all about it: it’s called From Panic to Profit.

In this episode of Financially Legal we talk with Brooke not only about profit but about how every firm - yes, even flat fee and personal injury firms - needs to leverage the billable hour. We discuss accounts receivable (AR) at law firms, how AR problems begin with the engagement letter, how saving a client credit card changes how you think about your law practice, and much more.

Download the 5 Pieces of the AR puzzle from Brooke and Cathedral Capital.