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Financially Legal

Oct 15, 2020

Nika Kabiri is a JD, a PhD a decision science consultant, a teacher, and a writer. If that’s not enough for you, just know she’s a rock star. Previously Nika was the Director of Strategic Insights at the online legal marketplace Avvo. Whether through market research, tireless and effective advocacy, or her amazing public speaking skills in that role Nika helped Avvo and the legal industry better understand the legal consumer.

Nika is now out on her own doing decision science consulting through her consulting firm Kabiri Consulting. She’s also a faculty member at the University of Washington on the Department of Communication and an advisor at Seattle’s Madrona Venture Labs.

In this conversation, we cover how decision science can affect your ability to find, convert, retain, and effectively communicate with, clients. We also discuss how decision science can affect how you run your law firm and your ability to make good decisions in the face of limited information.